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The art of table-scaping

I am at my happiest (and stressed) when I host a dinner, a lunch or a brunch at my house. One of my Passioni di Vita is to cook, despite making me hardcore anxious and autistic, I love having friends over at home.

These are some of my tips for anyone who wants to start or see how I do it:

  • The cooking does not have to be difficult to be nice. Literally just cut your tomatoes horizontally and sprinkle with herbs and voila

  • Tableware should be playful not too coordinated nor uncoordinated.

  • As center piece, always use candles that match the tableware and decor with whatever you have at home: fruits, bread, vegetables, flowers, woven bags, you name it - as long as it makes sense with the overall atmosphere and menu. I personally buy all my candles IRL (Milano - via Meravigli, London: Indian shop in Portobello Road)

  • Food: I try to keep it as natural and decomposed as possible, don’t mix things until you eat!!

  • Play with heights: use a couple of cake stands to put your food and create depth within your table.

  • Start preparing like minimum 2/3 hours before cause you will panic - even if you think you won't, trust me, you will - when you cook you cannot absolutely multi-task its hyper difficult!

  • Table cloth can be colourful but not dark!!

Shopping links:

HM home

Zara Home


John Lewis

Charity shops

Amazon lol (for candles and diy stuff)

Oliver bonas

Facebook marketplace!!!!!

。·:*:·゚★,。·:*:·゚☆ Hope this is helpful !!! Tag us in your table scapes 。·:*:·゚★,。·:*:·゚☆

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