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Re: ciao!

Hi - long time no see!!

I'm a bit shy writing this but honestly a) who cares and b) I'm not even sure my friends will read this so chances are you are my dad's wife (ciao Marta) who will probably be the only one doing so.

Anyways, I did take a long break and it's not because I'm in New York right now or I'm too busy doing everything else - it's because I got scared. I got really scared of not meeting my friend's and family's expectations with everyone asking me "what's going on with Passione di Vita" - I just procrastinated it and hid away. I think it's both honest and cringe writing this but I wanted to explain both for myself and for the people in our community.

During this time, I travelled so much and thought I was too cool for my small business, but turns out, my small business was too cool for me. Trying to escape the reality of it made me understand how immature my attitude was - I was waiting for something to happen and instead of being proactive I increasingly became reactive. Maybe it's the time alone I'm passing here in NY (I know it sounds crazy, but you can feel alone and with a lot of time in your hands here) or maybe it's the creative stimulus the city has to offer or maybe it's finally seeing my friends after such a long time, you name the excuse, but I'm finally back with so many new things coming and I cannot wait to share them!

Stay tuned!!


Shoutout to my queen Olivia from Crazy About Olives go buy her bagzzz

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