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Sognami - dream of me - reve de moi


The longing of your loved ones in your dreams is maybe the beginning and sometimes the end of our most romantic fantasies. Dreams always reveal what are subconscious cannot let out in the light. How many times have you dreams of something you wanted to happen but did not have the courage to make it happen? 


Reve de moi is just the translation in French - the idiom of love. 


Inspired by Biagio Antonacci's song "Sognami" that I relentlessly listened on repeat this summer while in Paris, I understood the pure sense of saying "dream about me". Picture me in my uncle's Marais studio with dim lights on, the chilly wind shaking the trees' leaves, in my dad's wife's silk ivory slip smoking a cigarette by the window. Now that you pictured it, dream of it. 


These tshirts were designed by me, produced locally in Milan and shipped to you from Milan. The fit is skinny but gently caresses your curves. The intent is to reveal everything and nothing. 


Composition: 99% organic cotton 1% elastane

An S will hug you while an M will caress you. Your choice. 


Girls wearing size M. 

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