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It's just me and my friends ordering the usual at the usual - il solito nel solito bar. Or maybe it's that Upper East Side mum at St Ambroeus, or the Equinox corporate baddie at Cipriani faking it until she makin it. Whoever it is, ITS A YES FROM US. 


The waiters at Marchesi in Via Meravigli probably wonder how much time my friends and I have on our hands to just go there every morning while at home. Spoiler: we're unemployed. Or maybe they think we're wannabes sciure. Definitely true. 


Not to be cliche but that place truly is magical and brings you back in time. Also, it's good to feel at home and pay good coffee €1,50 instead of a shitty Starbucks in New York or London for more than triple the amount! 

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