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It's spontaneous. It's natural. It's you or yours calling your loved ones. 


Dimmi amore literally means "yes, darling" but it's much more than that. It's your answer to when someone special calls you. It's your name being called from the other room while your lover asks you a favour. It's how you reply to your bestfriends when they need your advice on how to answer a text. It's the sentence you tell your child when they are in need of you. It's what you say when you're a woman in her 50s and know everybody everywhere. 


Amore dimmi literally means "darling, yes" but it's also much more than that. It's direct. It's precise. It's home. Sometimes it's frustration othertimes it's just what you say when you're in the middle of something. 


These tshirts were designed by me, produced locally in Milan and shipped to you from Milan. The fit is skinny but gently caresses your curves. The intent is to reveal everything and nothing. 


An S will hug you while an M will caress you. Your choice. 

Wearing a size M in the picture. 

Composition: 99% organic cotton 1% elastane. 

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