La Mila Necklace

La Mila Necklace

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La Mila necklace embodies a character of strength, confidence and balance thanks to the ametrine gemstone that harmonises both halves of the brain, bringing you serenity and optimism. In fact, the crystal is known to enhance spiritual clarity by uniting the masculine and femmine energy in our bodies from our crown chakra. Its vibrations, in fact, inspires a creative and decisive flow in your life, by strengthening your focus when you set your goals. 


The pastel tone makes the necklace an elegant accessory to add to your casual white tee or, as a chocker, to your halter top on a night out! 


**✿❀Claim by purchasing the La Mila necklace to affirm spiritual clarity and detoxify your body from bad vibeZ❀✿**

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