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L'eternità é il mare mischiato con il sole

Arthur Rimbaud analyzes the marriage between the sun and the sea, and by observing its beauty, he acknowledges the nature of eternity.

Here is why probably 93% of the books that I have read in my life are poetry collections: I strongly believe that one cannot see or understand the real beauty in life if it is unable to look at the world through a poet’s pair of glasses. For those of you who aren’t into poetry, I’ll make the last sentence less romantic for you: if you’ve never read or appreciated poetry, to what extent can you define yourself as a sensitive person? And if you’re not a sensitive person than how are you able to see - and most importantly - to feel all that our lovely planet has to offer?

I find Rimbaud’s words extremely compelling, probably on a personal level, as I find my brain to be working the most on a moving boat, especially during sunset time. Note: by “working the most” I’m not talking about solving some complicated math equation (although I wish). I’m talking about the unthreading of cross stitches that have been sewed in the deepest parts of my - although anatomically speaking tiny - very big heart.

There is something about the wind blowing into my salty hair, and staring into that thin line that leaves to wonder where the sea ends and the sky begins, that truly gets me in my feelings. I’m telling you - ask me how I’m feeling first thing in the morning, I’ll tell you I’m good, what about you? Ask me how I’m feeling after a boat trip and I’ll explain to you how the universe is a multidimensional matrix projection of your soul and each person you meet is a different version of you awakening from the illusion of separation. Oops - boat took the wrong route there. Okay let’s just say I’m going to blablabla about how my ex broke my heart and blablabla. (Don’t worry I’m keeping the whole energy and soul topic for another time).

I read somewhere that when you’re in love, or at least, when you’ve experienced real love - whether tough or smooth (love is love…) - all of your other emotions are heightened and you are more sensitive and emotionally aware of your surroundings. So do we need to have felt such deep feelings in order to really understand and appreciate poetry? I’m a romantic, I’m going to tell you that love is the answer to anything, really!

Finally, picture yourself sitting on the bow of a boat that is sailing towards the harbor after a sun-soaked day. Your favorite song is playing in your headphones (please, if your favorite song is techno or regeatton change playlist to a sad one). Observe, breathe in, breathe out, and take in all of the beauty that surrounds you. Here’s the thing - if the deepest thought you got was “shit I forgot to defrost my chicken”, I’m no mind reader but I can probably guess you don’t read poetry. In that case, get back to this reading as soon as you find someone or something you’ve fallen head over heels for. And when the hurt will come (because it will) get yourself a good poetry book. And suffer along with it. I promise: if the hurt comes, so will the beauty of the sun and the sea. You’ll get what I mean.

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